Tuesday, July 31, 2007


B Sept! B Sept!

I have a pretty sweet gig recently: calling French Bingo at Pix on Hawthorne. Essentially, I stand on a chair, drink a glass of wine, speak in broken French, and gesture wildly with my hands, all while spinning the Bingo device (a red plastic donut shaped thing on a stand). People love Bingo! Last night I called at a private 40th Birthday party.

This is my last week of Boot Camp and Pilates class, although I have another three weeks of Spanish. Then I have over a month until classes begin again.

I have an interview on Friday at a community center near my home to teach a Pilates class! I'm excited. It's my first interview for my new career. Our baby's growing up so fast!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Saturday and Sunday

The dog is gently snoring on the couch behind me. He always sleeps again after breakfast. I'm still sunburned from the birthday party at the coast on Saturday. We swam in the waves, even Charlie, who before was afraid of the waves. It was warmer than I think ever before. We ate a lot of pasta salad.

Yesterday Chris cleaned the kitchen and I played ukulele.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Weekend in Review

I finished the final Harry Potter at two thirty in the morning Saturday night, just after Chris got home from a show. I'd like to say that I read it straight through, because that's the best way for me to immerse myself, but I took breaks to walk the dog and go out to see a DJ/band with Chris.

Oh, it was great. I think, maybe, the hype of the whole event was too much for my delicate temperament to handle. I certainly didn't cry, not like I did in all of the other books.

My first batch of kombucha is ready--anyway, we've started drinking it. New friend Emily gave us the starter, a gross, chicken breast looking thing. I brewed up some sun tea using a small fraction of the shit load of Rose-Green tea I've had in my life for four years now, added some simple syrup, and plopped the mushroom on top. A week later we have a fizzy (more frizzante) green-brown, slightly sweet, earthy tasting beverage, and a new kombucha mushroom on top.

At the Clackamas river yesterday with Chris an Charlie we picked blackberries on a island in the middle of the river, and waded in the waist-high waters, and threw sticks. I stabbed my ankle on a tree branch hiking back. It hurts. It was worth it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Morning in the Morning

I have to leave soon for a Pilates class, but I'm feeling a little more chatty than usual so I thought I'd plop some words down.
I agreed to accept a position of slightly greater responsibility in the ginormous non-profit that I volunteer at, for this week at least. It is a "leadership position": as far as I can tell it involves a lot of heavy equipment (a bulky laptop in a hard case, three pagers, a walkie-talkie, a cell phone, a calculator, maps, translation aids, etc.) and making a lot of phone calls. I biked home with all of these things on my back, and it was a slow and slightly dangerous ride. It also means that this week I will dry out--no more beer after Spanish class, no wine with dinner.
This week has been astoundingly hot, getting into the low hundreds, and I have been correspondingly wilted like the hydrangeas in our front yard. The benefit is that the mere ninety degree days have become a piece of cake.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I just drank a lot of iced toddy coffee very quickly, so now I feel anxious to start my day, to get shit done, to make something of myself. Instead I will write a bit!

We took Charlie to the river yesterday, and spent most of our time in the car, or hiking through brambles and blackberries, and not so much time on the beach or in the water. A little girl named Caitlin played with Charlie while her mother yelled at her occasionally. Then I lent my other bike to a woman I met at Carrie and Brian's Fourth of July party. She's going to give me a message in exchange for it, which is definitely what I need.

I've been doing pilates five days a week. Monday through Thursday I take a mat class at Community College (fifteen minutes after Boot Camp class, which is a lot like gym in elementary school: we do running drills and skipping and hopping and basketball running and hopping through ladders, but also it's a lot like the aerobics classes I took in High School where we lift weights and do Core Work). On Fridays I've been doing classes at a studio near Greg's house, and it's there that I get to work on the crazy machines. I like to ride my bike there, and since I get there a little early I walk around and look into the shops. Yesterday I walked over to Sunnyside Park and sat on a bench under a tree and watched a crow drink water from the water fountain. It was a perfect day and the crow made me tear up a little bit. Maybe because it's the death-iversary of my dad?

It's summer and I'm really happy. I'm going to make a mix CD for Amac's Birthday!


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