Tuesday, September 27, 2005


My House is Always Cold

I got off the phone today with a bakery and yelled "I am a business lady!"

I've been doing all of this business stuff. Ordering and looking and forming relationships with people. It is so weird. But I don't have a choice, so I'm surprised when I find myself enjoying it.

I enjoy being a business lady.

Keep in mind that I mostly do it while still in bed, or sittting in my comfy chair, or smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.

We did a four hour training with all the new staff yesterday. It was a long time, and by the end they all had glazed eyes because they were sugar and boozed out.

I watched the first episode of Season 2 of Da Ali G Show. When Borat, the foreign guy, came on, I laughed so hard that my chest hurt.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm Planning the Party

Boss Lady keeps tossing little gems my way. The latest: I'm in charge of the Grand Opening Party!

Alright, sounds like fun.

Except. . . I do not enjoy planning parties. Wait, that's not true. I love planning parties like Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas dinner, or, well, any dinner party. But events? Big events with lots of things involved? And maybe a magician? Or a juggler? I get anxious enough over Thanksgiving. For my friends and family. But hundreds of "customers"? And what if it is totally lame and totally destroys the whole business?

I've even passed on the housewarming captainship to Chris. I said that I would help out, but he's in charge.

I guess she trusts me to do a good job. Or just doesn't care.

Monday, September 19, 2005


Weather Stories

Sometime in elementary school, in Dogwood Elementary, maybe in third or fourth grade, we were doing a section on meterology. One of our homework assignments was to interview someone about the most dramatic weather they'd ever experienced.

I interviewed my mom, and she had this great, vivid story about an Ice Storm she'd been through, upstate New York, as a young lady, about the trees bent over under the weight, wires snapped, sheets of ice sixteen inches thick.

I went in the next day and presented it to my class. We had some sort of chart, or vote, about the most disastrous weather. Everyone else, of course, thought that Hurricane Gloria was the most important, biggest thing they'd ever seen.

I felt ripped off. I felt like they were are ignorant. How could Hurricane Gloria, albeit scary, but a category 2 storm on Long Island, trump my mother's ice storm?

I learned that majority rules. And the majority didn't have much of an imagination that day, I guess.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


serving nightmare

I had this nightmare last night.

Two older ladies (in their 60s) come into the shop. The are endowed with an air of entitlement. They order a dobos torte, to go. I put it in a box, take their money, and run off to my next task. When I later walk by the corner table, I see that they have sat themselves down. With their to-go box. At a dirty table. They have commited, in my mind, two of the biggest acts of rudeness possible in the shop, short of insulting someone. I stop at their table. Someone has given them a dish of white sauce. I say to them, "I'm sorry ladies, I didn't know that you were going to be eating here. Otherwise I would've gotten you some forks and water, and wiped off this table for you." One of them looks up at me: "The service here is terrible. Every time we come here one of you is rude to us. Steve was incredibly rude to us." Now, I don't know how they know Steve's name. But I'm pissed off. "Who made you that sauce?" "Steve did. But he had such an attitude about it."

That's it. I go off. "If you ladies keep having bad service here, maybe it has something to do with how you're treating your servers. Steve obviously went out of his way to make that for you, after you sat at a dirty table with a to-go box. As far as I'm concerned, you ladies can leave. I wil not tolerate you insulting my friends and my staff. You can go now. And I'm the manager, and I ask that you do not grace us with your presence ever again."

Then, in the kitchen, it's some sort of party, where everyone is trying out all the new toys for the new shop. I feel terrible. I know I shouldn't have yelled at those ladies. I know I shouldn't have kicked them out. I find Steve to tell him what I did. He says that he doesn't want to be involved. I went too far, he says. Leave me out of this. "But I defended you!" Someone is putting macaroons in this contraption that spits them through a tube and melts just the buttercream.

I start looking for Sarah. I know I have to tell someone about what I did before they call and complain. I have to explain my behavior. I don't have an excuse. I feel guilty. I run around for the rest of the dream, trying to confess my guilt.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The New Restaurant will Open Soon

I've been kind of busy lately, working on stuff for the new restaurant. I've been interviewing and hiring people. I'm a really fast interviewer. I know pretty quickly if I want to hire someone. And I found a lot of nice people, even people I'm not hiring. I also get to do things like write an employee handbook, and write tons of emails to people. I'm excited about this job. I think I'll be pretty good at it.

I'm sad about leaving the old place. There's all these people that I'm going to miss hanging out with. Especially the new people, who I don't know as well.

We got our Save the Date cards in the mail today! They are almost exactly the same color as the bathroom! They are pretty.

Now we have to send them out to people. And then we have to get married.

Monday, September 12, 2005


I went to a Party

Last night was the staff party, the holiday party from 2004. Yes, it was a fun time. We had a scavenger hunt and two teams, and then went to Oktoberfest. It was pretty drunk! I made Chris take me home, where I proceeded to shatter a wine glass that a lady gave me, immediately upon entering the house. Chris sent me upstairs, and he cleaned up the glass. I won a sausage eating contest with Alejandro.

I've been working on an Employee Handbook. It is a big job, to make this thing. There is a lot of knowledge just floating around. I think it's a good idea to have one.

I have a bunch of resumes to go through. My hoodie is dirty as all get-out. It is crusty and dirty yet I wear it every day.

Katie and Sarah from Seattle might be coming down for a visit next week.

I'm supposed to go to the grocery store, to get some food. I don't really want to go. There will be children there. And mothers.

I have a lot of ear wax right now. I don't know why.

The next door cat keeps pooping on our front porch. He is at least twenty years old, according to Miss Woods. His name is Whiskers.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Working from Home

I'm doing some work from home today.

John and Chris are working on the album.

My neck hurts.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I slept a lot

I've had the sleepy bug lately. Either I can't get the right sleep, or all I can do is shut my eyes and curl up under something. We were going to go sailing (!) today with Steve and Holly, but we woke up late, and didn't have a trailer hitch. Instead we're painting a wall purple.

Athena left a baby mouse in the bathroom the other night. It looked so peaceful. I didn't want to dispose of it; it made me feel a little happy, this little death.

I've been thinking about my far-away friends. Chris has insinuated that our house is too big for us. For example, neither of us is tall enough to paint the top of the wall in the stairwell. Not even on a stool. I wonder if Lindsay will move back in with us, with Sedna? Everyone could move in, and have their own rooms. We could make dinner together and drink a bottle of wine and play cards.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I went out

Went to see Strength last night at Holocene, for a PRA benefit. There is a poster for it here. I danced my little ass off in uncomfortable shoes, and paid for it when I took them off in the car. My feet hurt worse after taking off the heels, but are much better now, thank you.

Chris made breakfast this morning, and coffee. We've become a Batdorf and Bronson household.

My mom sent me a list of addresses for the wedding invitation process, and it's pretty funny, because no one seems to know how to spell my aunt's name.

I'm going to keep cleaning. I picked up all the plastic bags in the back yard.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Back from vacation

Chris and I spent two nights on the Oregon Coast, just south of Yachats. We stayed at a little motel that I found by googling "gay Oregon coast," and, not surprisingly, we were in a lesbian run, lesbian frequented motel with a lovely view. The staff was so genuinely nice. I think that I would like to have a job like that, cleaning some rooms, telling people where to go.

Our room, Granny's Room, was small, but had a full kitchen. We had no cell phone reception, and no TV, and no internet (no computers). I learned how to play Backgammon. We had a pretty terrible meal at the Drift Inn, where almost everything we ordered was wrong, besides being over-priced. But there was a live jazz band, and that was OK. Chris observed that most customers who come into my restaurant would've thought the service was great, despite how everything was wrong.

We saw the Sea Lion Caves, which, alas, had no Sea Lions. They were all "out in the ocean." Right. Sixteen dollars to see a cave, and some fossils, and a six minute informational video.

We learned from our bad dinner, and cooked the rest of our meals. Chris made his broiled veggies and pasta dinner, and poached eggs for breakfast, with Oregon blue cheese. We drank an indulgent bottle of 2001 La Bete Pinot Noir. It tasted like wine, and smelled like butterscotch or caramel.

We walked on the windiest beach ever, in Florence, and saw a little bird, sitting in the sand. It was very sad and we tried to shelter it from the wind using driftwood, but I think we did more harm than good. Here it is.

On the way home we went to Siletz Brewery (their website was crashed by that hurricane that's awful). We bought some beer. It was a podunk place, but the people were nice. The inside felt like Portland, the outside like a run-down reservation.

I'm feeling a little post-vacation downer. I'm kind of sad that I have a computer again.


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