Monday, October 31, 2005


Sometimes things are ok and then

things were ok but I made a mistake at work. or rather I just didn't pay attention.

what am I doing with my life?

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Magic Bed Cuddle

I'm back in bed but it's a different bed, and Sappho is snuggling and purring. Chris is tip tip typing away.

It's pretty funny how not finished anything is in the house. Like, I want to paint the kitchen, but still, no paint.

I'm really caught up in the whole Special Prosecutor Valerie Plame scandal. I'm really enjoying it. It's a healthy reminder to treat people nicely and not break the law, or lie, or scheme. I used to scheme a bit more. Now I'm just barely hanging in there.

There are interesting and exciting things going on in my life but I don't really want to tell everyone.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


It is cold in bed

I am back in bed this afternoon, although I know I have to go into work really soon, even though I thought I was going to the grocery store to buy some food. Instead I have to go to work.

I made some giant red curtains for the shop on my day off. I make a lot of things for the shop on my day off. I have been in a good mood even though I popped the front tire of my car while parking and had to do all sorts of things. Ramon, the man who changed my tire for me, told me a joke.

"Do you know who my uncle is?"

"No. Who's your uncle?"

"My father's brother."

Chris got pretty wasted last night at the house of our new friend, the piano tuner Davey. We went to his party, and it was a costume party, but I was wearing what I wore to work for our fancy pants chocolate event. I was a business lady.

I need to go into work now. I am going to skip taking a shower and take a shower later. I'm going to rearrange my office so that it is nice and easy to work in. It is really much better now that I have a new desk and Jobie put up some shelves.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I promise I won't talk about work

By now it's totally old news to me that I have to go into work all the time anyway.

Chris and I went to the Nite Hawk on Interstate and had some food.

My neck feels like it's going to collapse or implode.

I miss doing things that are not work, doing things that are by myself, doing things alone, doing things with my friends. I miss writing songs.

Chris is grumpy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Angry Cats, Happy Day

The cats look pissed off today. Pissed at each other, at me, at the floor, they are indiscriminately pissed off.

I, on the other hand, feel pretty good. My cold is mostly gone, I got out of bed early, but don't have to go into work for a few good hours, and the house is clean.

I had dream after dream last night, some scary enough to wake me up, some bizarre.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I am sick

I have a bad thing in my body that makes my nose drip, and makes my nose clog up, and makes my throat sore, and makes my neck ache. I want this thing to go away.

I think the best remedy is sleeping.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


The shelf fell down

While I was gone from work, a shelf (a brand new shelf) holding our Tequila (our very high end tequila) fell onto the floor and shattered glass everywhere. Into the dessert case, which is kept open all day, the glass flew, into the desserts.

I felt like I got yelled at a lot today. That, and the online bank statement did not match the checkbook. I all freaked out and called Sarah, and she called the bank, and it's OK.

And I get so fucking hungry at work, I get hungry and angry and short tempered and I want to snap everyone's head off. So I went home to eat dinner (yummy squash soup that I made yesterday with Chris and a chicken sandwich from Chris's chicken), and that's when the shelf broke.

I need a haircut.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Also and Other

I had some house guests this weekend--special house guests: Lindsay and Amanda. They came from far away, and made snacks for our house warming party.

It was strange, having them back. It was wonderful, but strange. Strange. Because we all change, and grow, and things happen to us, and we grow up. Wonderful, because I love them.

On my hand is a note to myself. it says, underlined four times, "BANK." Becuase I have to check if a check cleared this afternoon. Because then I have to call the contractor when the check clears.

Cheryl and I have been working a lot of long hours. We were tired tonight, drinking out French 75s. It is a good drink, with Cognac, Champagne, Lemon Juice, and Simple Syrup.

And the point of sale system broke the computer.

But I did a lot of filing. My "office" is totally impecably organized. (One C or two?)

Chris is on the phone with Greg. They are doing business.


Work Week

I'm into this whole work all the time thing. I'm a grumpy zombie who can be brought back to life only by alcohol.

Sweet Alcohol.

I'm not going into work tomorrow until 4.

Baby is going to party!

Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Monday, October 10, 2005


Good Morning!

It's my sister's birthday today!

I had a day off from work yesterday. I only had one nervous breakdown the entire week. I've been working very long days, but also very split days. Too much work. My brain is fried, but I have a lot to do this morning. Plus, I'm having a housewarming party this evening, if anyone wants to come.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Things Open

The restaurant opened "for real" today. It was another long day, the private party being the first one. I was on my feet for twelve or so hours by the end of the party, when my boss, having a good time, yelled at me for making the ipod stop. I went outside and had a moment, the kind of moment when you're glad it's cold and dark and no one is around. Then I went to the car a got inside and cried for a bit. Then I went back in and cleaned up and locked up. I think it was exhaustion, or over emotion, or something. But it was a good party, and I feel pretty awesome about how things are working out.

Chris did some cleaning up around the house while I was at work today, and it makes me happy when things are clean. I got home and played the piano for a while, and wrote a pretty song.

Maybe I wrote a pretty song because I was so happy about the clean.


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