Friday, August 25, 2006



Sappho has been under the bed since last night, although every once in a while she pulls herself out and gets a drink of water or lets me pet her. Athena has been watching Sappho and falling asleep. Charlie is outside. Despite all of these companions, I feel pretty sad. Oh, well.



Chris and I just got back from five hours at Portland's 24 hour emergency pet hospital, Dove Lewis. It was a harrowing night, but so far, everything is going to be fine.

We were enjoying a seared tuna and eggplant grill-fest with Will, who is, I must say, so much fun, when Marissa came to the backdoor. She called me up to her and said "Sappho's on the front porch and I think something's wrong with her." She was right. Sappho was cowering in a corner of the porch, between the chair and the wall, and she was "Mao, mao mao, mao"-ing and couldn't stand up on her hind legs. I freaked out. Marissa got Chris, I put Charlie, our new dog in his kennel, got the kitty carrier, and called Dove Lewis (doing a Google Local search for it with tears and a highly rosy face). Then we got in the car, with Sappho in her carrier, and went.

The triage vet tech, once she saw how upset and in pain our little pumpkin was, took her in the back right away, to give her pain medication. Then, two and a half hours later, after waiting in the brightly lit and mild hectic waiting room (with Thomas Lauderdale (SP?) from Pink Martini, whose senior dog also couldn't stand up, but for different reasons), we got to see Sappho again.

Her pupils were so dilated from the drugs that it was easy to see the flash of green you see in a cat's eyes at night--that glow, so ghostly. She smelled bad--poop--but was quiet. She wanted to get in the smallest corner of the room. Our vet, a young woman with pink and brown hair and tattoos, was amazing, and kept apologizing for the wait. She recommended a radiograph and explained the situation.

It turns out, after a lot of tests, that she has a soft tissue injury on her back left leg. We have pain killers for her, and we have to watch or confine her for ten days. She's hiding under the bed right now, but I gave her a sardine to eat.

I sort of can't believe how hysterical I was, and how quickly I took care of a bunch of things, and how long Chris and I waited. (I sent him home at eleven to let Charlie out and check on Athena. They are both fine, though Athena is a little spooked.)

I'm home now, we all are, and I took a shower, and so did Chris, and I just want to go to sleep.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


It's too early

I'm at my local bar, :vendetta (yes, there is a colon there, and they mean it), drinking a beer. I just wanted to get out of the house, get away from cleaning for a bit, and eat some mac and cheese. I am on beer number two. It is a good beer.

I am very lonely in Portland. And I have to wonder what my problem is. Do you ever wonder what your problem is? Well, I miss my friends, the people who make me laugh and make me happy. I've been trying to make friends, but it's not working too well. I'm always thinking that these people aren't as great as my other friends, so what's the point?

Man, this is a lot of self-pity.

You know, this bar is pretty good, but I really don't like the bartender here. The one who isn't an owner. She's kind of mean. And lazy, and you can tell that she doesn't want to be here. She's too cool for this joint. She should get a job at the tube.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Vampire Schmampire

I'm seriously seriously seriously starting to wonder what the fuck I'm going to do with my life. It's getting pretty old, right now.

I woke up with a sore back (more like the inside of my chest hurts) and drove Chris to work, ate a sandwich, bought a dress, and drove to Mount St Helens. Just, because, I had nothing to do, and I've been itching to get out of Portland. I felt better seeing the "Thank You For Visiting Oregon" sign. I pulled oven and picked a spot on the map (not a good map, really, but it's plastic so no worries about rippage): Lava Tube. That sounded awesome. Driving through rural Washington, I imagined tubes of lava, like the internet made real. Alas, there was but one tube, and onley a half tube, at that. See, the lava flowed down the mountain in one spot, and that made a tubular groove in the side of the mountain, and in the earth, too. The real thing was almost as beautiful as what I'd imagined. I took some photos, scrambled through some ash, saw a chipmunk or two, enjoyed the afternoon.

When I got home Chris was watering the front yard. Chris has been exhausted these past couple of days, whereas I am not tired. Actually I'm tired now, but I wasn't tired at 7:45, which is when he went to bed.

I gave myself a haircut tonight, so I no longer have a shaggy grown out mullet: I have a cute curly bob!

Holy Shit! I forgot! I saw "Snakes on a Plane"! What a funny fucking movie!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


coffee cake

I just made the yummiest coffee cake in America! Having no light brown sugar, I used white granulated sugar and added black strap molasses. I also had no pecans, so I used no nuts. I'm not a huge nut fan. Also, I made the crunchy topping last instead of first, which left me scrambling a bit towards the end. I'm not a big fan of reading the entire recipe before I whip the butter and sugar. I'm going to work on that, promise!

Also, my printmaking class is pretty amazing.

Last night I made some dinner from this book I'm reading. The recipes were somewhat medium, but that's what you get for making dinner from recipes in a novel-memoir, written by a lady who doesn't have any other cook book experience. I think that cook books are written as they are, with groups of people, and test kitchens, for a really excellent reason. In short, my pita bread was NOT VERY GOOD (too dry, too crispy), and the lamb koftas fell apart, and were mostly bland. This may be somewhat skewed due to the terrible sore throat and inability to taste/smell I suffered the last weekish. But as of this evening my throat is no longer sore, and my sense of smell is BACK.

The Strength record release party was the best show I've seen them play in forever! And this morning Chris and I rode our bikes down to the Bite of Oregon to see the Pants Machine play at 10 am! Pants Machine was great, Bite of Oregon was low to medium--but with an added bonus of Amac and her friend Amanda to the scene.

Also, my ukulele is even better!


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