Monday, July 23, 2007


Weekend in Review

I finished the final Harry Potter at two thirty in the morning Saturday night, just after Chris got home from a show. I'd like to say that I read it straight through, because that's the best way for me to immerse myself, but I took breaks to walk the dog and go out to see a DJ/band with Chris.

Oh, it was great. I think, maybe, the hype of the whole event was too much for my delicate temperament to handle. I certainly didn't cry, not like I did in all of the other books.

My first batch of kombucha is ready--anyway, we've started drinking it. New friend Emily gave us the starter, a gross, chicken breast looking thing. I brewed up some sun tea using a small fraction of the shit load of Rose-Green tea I've had in my life for four years now, added some simple syrup, and plopped the mushroom on top. A week later we have a fizzy (more frizzante) green-brown, slightly sweet, earthy tasting beverage, and a new kombucha mushroom on top.

At the Clackamas river yesterday with Chris an Charlie we picked blackberries on a island in the middle of the river, and waded in the waist-high waters, and threw sticks. I stabbed my ankle on a tree branch hiking back. It hurts. It was worth it.

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