Saturday, July 14, 2007


Morning in the Morning

I have to leave soon for a Pilates class, but I'm feeling a little more chatty than usual so I thought I'd plop some words down.
I agreed to accept a position of slightly greater responsibility in the ginormous non-profit that I volunteer at, for this week at least. It is a "leadership position": as far as I can tell it involves a lot of heavy equipment (a bulky laptop in a hard case, three pagers, a walkie-talkie, a cell phone, a calculator, maps, translation aids, etc.) and making a lot of phone calls. I biked home with all of these things on my back, and it was a slow and slightly dangerous ride. It also means that this week I will dry out--no more beer after Spanish class, no wine with dinner.
This week has been astoundingly hot, getting into the low hundreds, and I have been correspondingly wilted like the hydrangeas in our front yard. The benefit is that the mere ninety degree days have become a piece of cake.

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