Monday, September 18, 2006


Happy Update

It is so gray here! I'm so excited about winter, those long dreary months of rain and mud, when all the gardens grow so green! I've had a lot of coffee today! Charlie and the cats are getting along! Athena sleeps in bed with us and Charlie. Sappho and Charlie kissed!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Tiny Splinters

This is a good day for me. We took the doggie out on a long walk this morning, had some coffee, hung out with some friends. Then worked really hard on the backyard, and it is looking so beautiful. I'm proud of it. I feel so fortunate, with the best doggie and the best kitties in the whole world, and the best husband, too! Summer is winding down here, the sun says goodbye earlier every day, and it rained last night, so the plants were so happy. Sappho can walk again! With a limp, but she's doing it, and I'm proud. Athena ventures downstairs while the doggie sleeps, and contemplates just how she will murder him. In a sweet way. I have to go now, take a shower and get the tiny splinters out of my skin.


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