Sunday, August 13, 2006


coffee cake

I just made the yummiest coffee cake in America! Having no light brown sugar, I used white granulated sugar and added black strap molasses. I also had no pecans, so I used no nuts. I'm not a huge nut fan. Also, I made the crunchy topping last instead of first, which left me scrambling a bit towards the end. I'm not a big fan of reading the entire recipe before I whip the butter and sugar. I'm going to work on that, promise!

Also, my printmaking class is pretty amazing.

Last night I made some dinner from this book I'm reading. The recipes were somewhat medium, but that's what you get for making dinner from recipes in a novel-memoir, written by a lady who doesn't have any other cook book experience. I think that cook books are written as they are, with groups of people, and test kitchens, for a really excellent reason. In short, my pita bread was NOT VERY GOOD (too dry, too crispy), and the lamb koftas fell apart, and were mostly bland. This may be somewhat skewed due to the terrible sore throat and inability to taste/smell I suffered the last weekish. But as of this evening my throat is no longer sore, and my sense of smell is BACK.

The Strength record release party was the best show I've seen them play in forever! And this morning Chris and I rode our bikes down to the Bite of Oregon to see the Pants Machine play at 10 am! Pants Machine was great, Bite of Oregon was low to medium--but with an added bonus of Amac and her friend Amanda to the scene.

Also, my ukulele is even better!

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