Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I slept a lot

I've had the sleepy bug lately. Either I can't get the right sleep, or all I can do is shut my eyes and curl up under something. We were going to go sailing (!) today with Steve and Holly, but we woke up late, and didn't have a trailer hitch. Instead we're painting a wall purple.

Athena left a baby mouse in the bathroom the other night. It looked so peaceful. I didn't want to dispose of it; it made me feel a little happy, this little death.

I've been thinking about my far-away friends. Chris has insinuated that our house is too big for us. For example, neither of us is tall enough to paint the top of the wall in the stairwell. Not even on a stool. I wonder if Lindsay will move back in with us, with Sedna? Everyone could move in, and have their own rooms. We could make dinner together and drink a bottle of wine and play cards.

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