Monday, September 19, 2005


Weather Stories

Sometime in elementary school, in Dogwood Elementary, maybe in third or fourth grade, we were doing a section on meterology. One of our homework assignments was to interview someone about the most dramatic weather they'd ever experienced.

I interviewed my mom, and she had this great, vivid story about an Ice Storm she'd been through, upstate New York, as a young lady, about the trees bent over under the weight, wires snapped, sheets of ice sixteen inches thick.

I went in the next day and presented it to my class. We had some sort of chart, or vote, about the most disastrous weather. Everyone else, of course, thought that Hurricane Gloria was the most important, biggest thing they'd ever seen.

I felt ripped off. I felt like they were are ignorant. How could Hurricane Gloria, albeit scary, but a category 2 storm on Long Island, trump my mother's ice storm?

I learned that majority rules. And the majority didn't have much of an imagination that day, I guess.

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