Friday, July 16, 2010


37 weeks, two days

I'm officially full term as of two days ago, and in the past week I feel like my body, this pregnancy, has completely changed. Physically, my face has filled out, although I haven't gained any weight. I woke up on Wednesday with stretch marks on my formerly smooth abdomen. I'm slightly puffier all over. And the baby, she feels huge. She feels like a little person with bones and limbs and toes. I'm not as ravenously hungry as I was two weeks ago. In fact, I'm less hungry now than before I was pregnant. Emotionally I'm different too. I don't like it when Chris is not around. I'm organizing things, cleaning. But not in a grumpy way. I was freaked out about our house not being ready, but now I'm a lot calmer. And, surprisingly enough, I have a ton of sexual energy. Sure, I can't really move that well, but I feel like I'm 18 all over again.

We still don't have a name. We don't have any part of a name, actually. We don't know what last name to use, or if we should create a hybrid last name.

I've been having trouble staying hydrated, which is crazy. I drink so much water, but I'm not getting enough salt. I started putting salt in my hot chocolate last night. It's super yummy. I drank a whole bottle of an organic electrolyte drink yesterday.

We still haven't packed our birth bag, or installed the car seat.

And then there's going to be a point when the pregnancy is over, and the parenting begins.

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