Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Get your hopes up

There is a giant ditch in our backyard! It is from my incessant pacing, wearing down the earth. JK! Actually, some guys dug it, and also removed our driveway!

Today is an offical LazyDay (TM)! I might change the sheets on the bed and vacuum, or put up a hook somewhere, but I just don't want to run any errands. I'm going to be in school until 9:30 again tonight, so I think I might bring some dinner with me. I also need to come up with a plan for a drawing. I have not really considered it. I don't want to draw. But I do have to go to the store and get some shit for class. I don't want to run errands! I refuse!

Last night I made fish tacos and roasted squash and carrots for dinner. It was delicious, and Amac and Claire were here, which made it even better.

I've been reading a lot of Pacific Northwest Gardening books. They get to be kind of boring after a while! Soil this, soil that. Actually, I don't find them to be boring at all, just a little densely packed with information. I want to start a vegetable garden this fall. Right now we have a lot of empty dirt in the backyard (all of the sod is gone, thank Sod), but most gardening books say to wait until Autumn to start planting, because you don't want to use a lot of water to get them settled in. And it's been completely rainless this summer (almost), so we've been watering all of our plants. But I'm worried that weeds will take over if I don't start planting there pretty soon. Also, I'm supposed to ammend the soil so it's a little more welcoming to vegetative life. The soil in our backyard is sandy. I thought it would be clay, like the front yard, but I was wrong.

This is probably my best blog post ever.

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