Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm covered in tiny splinters!

The question becomes: What to do? I've been working in the garden so far, putting down some mulch, planting, getting the garbage in order. It's such a lovely day! Also, I'm trying to figure out what kind of tree that Critter, Russel, and Rachel gave us. I don't want to plant a tree that will grow to be 30 feet tall right next to the house, or to the power lines!

Also! I got a new bike today! It is turquoise and you pretty much sit straight up when you ride it, and it has big fat tires and fenders! I am happy because I never liked my old bike (it wasn't even one I chose: I had inherited it from Marian, because Amanda had left it at Marian's house for six months or something, and Marian had been borrowing my bike while I was living in France and it got stolen outside the Lloyd Center). It is a pretty sweet bike, and I'm looking forward to more rides on a bike with working gears and brakes.

We also need to fix the roof and put up some gutters before winter sneaks back into town.

I'm going to take Intro to Printmaking this summer!

I am sitting outside on the bench that mom got us for the wedding, and it is so nice!

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