Saturday, March 11, 2006


Almost Recovered!

Status: On bed, with cats.

I decided to pull everything out of the bedroom closet this afternoon. It has been basically a catch-all closet for the longest time, ever since the rod collapsed from the weight of our style. I've stopped in the middle, am currently stopped, to check on my NetNewsWire. I'm not checking my email again. It's all the way up to 27 unread emails. Most of them are stupid anyway. I hate email. Anyways, I'm going to finish cleaning the closet, which means putting things back in it in a new order. Huh-huh, I just said "new order"!

Chris thinks that Grey's Anatomy is on iTunes, but I've checked. It is not. Desperate Housewives is on iTunes. Knight Rider is on iTunes (did you hear about Hasselhof getting drunk and beating up his wife? Allegedly?)! Although, there is a Grey's Anatomy Official Podcast. Who wants to listen to that?

It is fairly cold here, and it's even been snowing for the past couple of days. Nothing big, and nothing sticking in our neck of the woods (how provincial), but snow in March?

At breakfast this morning we were next to this table of two ladies, late twenties. The one speaking directly into my ear canal (her mouth was at a right angle to my ear hole) kept talking, loudly about Spinning? Like, the class? With the bikes? And the guy who yells at you? If he sees you slacking off? And everything she said? Was in the form of a question? Like, when she was training? For her triathalon? Or how hard weight-lifting is?

It's bad enough that her intonation was so annoying--like a really well designed fire alarm. But the worst part was that she was a loud talker. She had, like, no inside voice?

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