Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Three Ingredient Rule

Our trip to Austin was very relaxing. It was pretty typical of a vacation, where at the end you're pretty tired of being on vacation.

I made this juice yesterday: tomatoes, ginger, garlic, celery, turnips, parsley, and carrot. It was very tough to drink because it was so bitter. Chris told me that I should only use three ingredients until I've mastered all of the types of juice, then I can move on. I think that's pretty wise. So I bought a juicing book at the grocery store. It's glossy with pretty pictures and it's easy to use. It lists ingredients by weight, which is great because I have a kitchen scale now. There was a recipe for juice that I liked, so I made it. I didn't have any pommegranite seeds so I used a pear instead. It was 4 oz cucumber, 8 oz kiwi, 10 oz (one small) pear. Really good, and a delicious green color.

I've spent the better part of the past two days cleaning the house and moving furniture. When Chris finished working last night he cleaned up the front room, and I even went in there today to pet Sappho. I moved the "master" bedroom into the "TV" room. It's relaxing. The colors are soothing, and there's not as much stuff. All of our clothes are staying in the other room for now. This room is smaller, brighter, and quieter. The kitties are sitting in here with me--there's some lovely afternoon sun--while I type in my chair with my juice. I put the kitty bed on the bottom shelf of one of those corner shelves from Ikea, and Sappho loves it there.

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