Sunday, January 08, 2006


Flu Flu

I've been extra busy at work, because in the past three days three people have some down with the flu, or something like it. The upside is that I've made more money, the downside is that I have a lot of catching up to do before Chris and I go to Texas.

Greg and Chris spent some time yesterday working on the wedding, much like it was another programming project: good thing. Then, when I came home from work, Chris was in the basement, cleaning it. CLEANING THE BASEMENT! It takes so little to make me happy.

Also, for Christmas, I got myself something I've wanted since first seeing the infomercial when I was ten. A juicer! I've used it so many times, and I love it. Juice is the best.

The cats are spread out on the bed, one on either side of Chris's legs, and last night Chris slept diagonally across the bed, leaving me almost no room.

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