Wednesday, December 21, 2005



I read about this video sharing service on a Portland Blog That I Read (thanks to Greg). I looked around at it and I think it's pretty neat, so I signed up. You can see my profile here. Of course, Chris already has a profile, he always beats me by four months. It feels a lot like Flickr--good thing. But a lot of people use Revver tags on their videos so they can make money through advertising. I have to wonder, though, how do these sites make money? Is this the whole "Web 2.0" thing that I don't understand? I kind of understand how Google makes money, but does anyone really click on ads? I mean, I do sometimes, but I've never ever bought anything that way. I love the internet, I love creating content and sharing it with my friends (and a handful of other people who may or may not give a damn), but on some level, I wonder how these people are making any money. I know that Flickr has Pro accounts, and I've been in the room while Greg and Chris argue about how Music for Dozens will make money. (It turns out that the original method, burning CDs and shipping them, is still what keeps them in the black.)

I've been very concerned about money lately because that's the main focus of my job. Unlike being a server, I'm thinking about money not in terms of me (tipping) but in terms of the whole business (sales, paying vendors, ordering beer, cutting hours, labor). Business seems so straight forward, but even in a restaurant, it's not cut and dry. It stresses me out in an entirely new way. Now, if someone complains about the service, I get freaked out, because we need their money.

And Christmas is coming and everyone I know is either getting sick, sick, or getting over being sick.

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