Sunday, November 06, 2005


Visitors from the North!

Katie and Sarah from Seattle visited this weekend, just for a night and just long enough to see Strength play at the Gotham Building Tavern. What? The Gotham Building Tavern has shows? $15 a pop shows. And they don't advertise them, really, at all, but all the sleekest of the sleek were there in white suits and short dresses and hip I work in advertising haircuts. I know, I know, the Hebbejeebees or whatever they're called are the epitome of Portland Awesome, but nobody stuck around to watch Strength play, although they were great! Just the sound guy did a really good job, then he really fucked up, and basically went outside to drink while the computer sounded all crunchy and topped-out. I danced though. And a photographer took like seven thousand pictures of Bailey.

Right now Chris is working on a cover of a song that Cary gave him, and I'm chosing to not. Bill Clinton is reading from his autobiography in the art studio. I think it's been on repeat.

On the upside, we didn't have to pay for the show, and there was free coffee, soI had a mug of really yummy coffee. For Free!

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