Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Restaurant Review

I've been very busy keeping the restaurant from collapsing, or worrying about it collapsing, or whatever. Actually I don't really do that much. I mean, I do, but, the place would be the same without me, probably. But I thought I'd update since I have some free time.

Melinda visited this weekend, and we had an awesome time. Delicious dinner ar Navarre, Dancing at the Ararat, French 75s and wonton soup homemade ate home. Pants shopping, haircuts, emergency business. Wonderful time.

Chris and I ate at Roux, which is like the total darling of North Portland Restaurant Revitalization. My cocktail was great, our dessert was nice, but our meals were so very NOT GOOD. I ordered "Pan Seared Rabbit" and it tasted like General Tso's chicken. Chris' Jamablaya was bland, even though it was spicy. And it was expensive. Our server was very nice, though the rest of the staff who kept walking by and checking up on us was super high strung. I'd say that the price : fun/yummy ratio was 6:1. That is a negative review.

And it sounds snobby to criticize a fellow restaurant but we are not in the same league at all.

And Thanksgiving is coming up really soon!

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