Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Things Open

The restaurant opened "for real" today. It was another long day, the private party being the first one. I was on my feet for twelve or so hours by the end of the party, when my boss, having a good time, yelled at me for making the ipod stop. I went outside and had a moment, the kind of moment when you're glad it's cold and dark and no one is around. Then I went to the car a got inside and cried for a bit. Then I went back in and cleaned up and locked up. I think it was exhaustion, or over emotion, or something. But it was a good party, and I feel pretty awesome about how things are working out.

Chris did some cleaning up around the house while I was at work today, and it makes me happy when things are clean. I got home and played the piano for a while, and wrote a pretty song.

Maybe I wrote a pretty song because I was so happy about the clean.

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