Sunday, August 07, 2005


Long Day, Short night, Soon to be Reunited

Work was looooooooong today. I've been making these little book menus that we have, and it's tedious, headache inducing work, a lot of measuring, cutting, cutting, stacking, and re-cutting again. I finally got it down into a system, but that system only worked for the bigger books, not the little petite ones. I finished! I am happy to be finished with them.

I've run into a bunch of our old neighbors in the past few days, almost all of them, actually. One couple is going to have a baby in a month, the others are busy bees. Our neighbors were all middle aged couples, one married, one gay, one domestic partnership. They were all gardeners, too.

Lindsay and I are going to see Strength play tonight. I think I've been to every Strength show that I could, so far. I genuinely like their music, I like their dance, I like their strut. I don't really want to go out, but Lindsay wants to go, so I'm going. Plus, I bet I'll see a lot of people from work, and that's fun.

I have to go to work first thing tomorrow, because I made a mistake (sort of). It wasn't really my mistake, but it doesn't matter. Life goes on.

A lady on the radio said that "everyone's obsessions are to be celebrated." I like that.

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