Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Last Call

We had customers stay late tonight. The problem was me: I was already far behind, and I knew them leaving wasn't going to get me out any sooner. I let them stay, I let them come in. It was my fault. But I made some good money tonight, alright money.

I like Target. I do. I like the bright colors, the semi-upscale mass produced bedding. I'm a sucker for cheap bedding, for any bedding at all.

I'm working tomorrow night for Melanie. I didn't have anything else to do, although in my head I was planning to call Amanda and see if she wanted to hang out.

I wore a dress to work today. It was so hat, anyway, and I didn't want to wear pants.

I heard that the boss is planning our Christmas party. Finally! I mean, it's mid-August.

I'm almost ready for my out of town friends to visit me. And Thanksgiving is coming up. We still need to paint the kitchen and the hallways.

Here's some news: I really like my job again! It's nice to feel good about it. I feel good when I have a challenge and I get it done! I also really love my co-workers. They are all so good. And I'm excited about having my own little restaurant.

I moved the kitty food and water today, to the kitchen. They seemed confused, but then I showed them where it is.

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