Thursday, August 25, 2005



Today, although it was my day off, I went into work for a coffee cupping. As I've recently learned, the way to taste and compare coffee is to cup it. Apparently Stumptown makes their employees cup twice a week. Just to keep up.

So, I ambled and rambled into work 20 minutes later than I thought I should be there, and nothing has even started. Michael, our trainer, was stuck in traffic. Everyone is stuck in traffic these days.

So, when Michael gets there, we start to get set up. He's grinding coffee, and I'm taking this lady's special order. A wedding order. Wedding orders are always and consistently the most difficult orders. Brides, their parents, their friends, are almost always totally nuts, and they want you to hold their hand along the way. Steve is making a cheese plate. This lady was rough. She had the budget, and the math, all worked out in her head, but it was wrong. And I wanted to try the coffee. Argh!

I hope, and I pray, that when I'm doing wedding stuff that I won't freak out.

My stomach still hurts. And Chris wants to do all this stuff. And it's Cary's Birthday, which is nice. We're almost at the age when you don't want to get any older.

I am hungry, and I put up some curtains.

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