Friday, July 29, 2005


It's chilly here

I've made it to San Francisco. Our drive took only eleven hours, and we stoped four times! Marian's apartment is cute, and larger than I expected. Shauna and Amanda and I are in a coffee shop in Chinatown, typing and reading. Marian is at a job interview right now. The plans for today include Karaoke. I slept well last night, but my back was a bit sore. I do think it's healthy to sleep on the floor every now and then.

I plan to stock up on souvenirs while here. Parasols and such. I hope we get to ride on the trolley. I bet we will, since Marian lives a block away from the trolley tracks.

This is where we are!

Marian is done with her interview, so I'm going to go now!

I miss you!

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