Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Zombie Shoppers

I drove to the big-box complex in Jantzen beach today. It's safer than taking drugs, but soul sucking. Sometimes it's good to have the soul sucked. A child of the mall, wandering through the mostly abandoned mall, having icky stomach in the restroom by the carrousel, sifting through curtains, wandering back and forth down the aisles, in a trance, alone, slightly ill. I ordered a matress on-line, while drunk, and cancelled it yesterday. Today I went to Mattress World, or Sleep Country (I'm not sure) and found one for cheaper. It was my last stop on the Jantzen Beach jaunt, and the store was completely empty, ghost town. How do they stay open?

My sister left a cryptic message on my voice mail a few days ago. Something about "family news"--who knows what that could mean.

I should charge up my cell phone, and drink some water.

Steve and Holly had their baby! That is awesome.

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