Thursday, May 19, 2005

in mexico, the biggest choices are: beer? margarita? very different from normal life. so very nice. Bianca and Mickey are sweet. You'd think that your friends from higschool would never get married, but here we are, all getting married and shit. The ocean is warm, and the jacuzzi is too hot. I'm happy right now. It's a big change from before. Maybe what i needed was a vacation. Maybe what I needed was to see some people happy. Chris keeps insinuating proposals. (it's hard to type when so drunk)

I'm inlove with this place. I can undersand things better. Perspective is essential, and hard to get, day in, day out. There was a hermit crab race, and some pictionary. I had to draw "Ivanka Trump" and "Dinosaur Hookers."

To bed, and tomorrow, some weddings.

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