Wednesday, April 20, 2005



I have a wrist brace now, and so my 24 hour crying jag is pretty much up. Chris and Greg are all being geeky and I'm stuck at a coffee shop on 12th listening to jazz (which I don't mind, at least it's not Mogwai or The Postal Service or whatever).

Music, it seems like, used to be about fun, about beauty, about having a good time in some magical way, but lately I feel like it's about who you know (and who knows you) and all of this other stuff that has nothing to do with music. I concede that there are moments at shows that I experience some sort of awe or happiness, but there's just so much turd to suffer through before that point. I guess that at heart I'm not good in this element, I'm not a people person on that level. I often find myself fantasizing about crawling under the comforter like Athena whenever the loud strange people come over.

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