Thursday, March 31, 2005


Today I keep Bloggin'

May the train keep rollin' on.

Alexia, my "ethinc" roommate (it's an old inside joke--she was my freshman and junior year roommate at boarding school) sent me a toy in the mail today. It's an electronic ball that plays 20 Questions with you (check it out). I was amazed when it guessed my first attempt after only 20 questions. (I was thinking of "water.") After that it wasn't so hot. But, hey, it's an electronic ball.

My tummy has been not so hot lately, and when I walked into work I felt not so hot. I stuck it out, and it was an OK night. We have a new worker bee named Lydia, and she's really nice. She's young. She has been really sick lately, with super tough pneumonia, and so she's lost a lot of weight. She's trying to gain it back, but she told me that she gets really offended when people ask her if she anorexic, as if it were a compliment. "I'm eating my internal organs," she said, in earshot of some old couple. I thought that was a great thing for them to hear. "Welcome to our restaurant! We eat our internal organs!"

Southwest has a special page for "Customers of Size": Looky loo! I guess that it's good that they have a policy.

What's your policy?

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