Thursday, March 03, 2005



"Mt boyfriend's back he's gonna save my reputation!" I've been singing that song a lot. Work was slow, but that was good because Sabrina and Steve and I were feeling pretty lazy. Seriously lazy. I started a cigarette cup so everyone can stop bumming smokes from Sabrina. It's gonna work great, I promise, because people like communal things!

Chris comes back later today, and I'm going to pick him up after I get off work. I'm excited, and I've been trying extra hard to keep things clean. I've enjoyed my solitary time. But the cats miss him.

I got my hair cut and colored today. And, because I'm a fool, I got my eyelashes tinted. My eyeballs have been bright red all night, and burning. I wonder if people think I'm high, or upset. Nah. I got a lot of compliments on my new 'do today, from random strangers. That makes me feel good. A girl likes to feel pretty.

Speaking of pretty, Lisa and Douglas came into work tonight to pick up some desserts before the baby arrives. Lisa looks so good pregnant, and so does Steve's girlfriend, Holly. Pregnant women are so lovely when they're not throwing up.

I've found some cool cheap records, including 10CC's "The Original Soundtrack," which has my favorite song on it.

My eyes hurt. I'm going to bed now.

I love you!

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