Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yes, but how early?

Now they say that it's totally cool to get an epidural early on during childbirth. It makes the labor quicker, easier, less painful, and, yes, les laborious. Why is human childbirth so painful? Greg said yesterday that your IQ drops ten points after giving birth. Chris thinks it has more to do with having a newborn baby around. I think it has to do with intense physical trauma. Anyway, I once thought that natural childbirth was the way to go, but now, I'm going to be on epidurals from the third trimester on!

Last night I dreamt about the worst customers in the world, who came in after I'd closed and stayed until the next morning. I asked some guy to pretend to be a cop to get rid of them, but that didn't work, and they ended up stiffing me. It's nice that even when I sleep I can at least feel like I'm at work.

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