Saturday, February 19, 2005


Getcher Veggies

Since the new food pyramid came out (and all the media hoopla), I've been trying, struggling, to eat more vegetables. And fruits, too. Who eats fruit in the winter anyway? I might buy a clementine as a treat every few days, but what else is there? So this morning, I made myself some breakfast using two of my own guidlines: Use eggs, use vegetables. (And the third, and implicit guidline, Use cheese). I made a scramble with asparagus and broccoli and cauliflower and cheddar and emmenthaler. Chris is still asleep, having stayed up all night with Greg talking about tagging and stuff. Boys.

After work last night, Minna and Meghan and Paige (from Seattle) and Drew came into work, and we sat around and ate the lemon meringue pie someone submited to the Bake-Off, and drank fancy beers. Work went really well last night, despite my dropping a tray of coffees on a blind man (although it was technically his fault, since he was stretching and knocked the tray with his arm), and dropped a very expensive bottle of beer in the kitchen. We were all clumsy Claras last night. I'm hoping Meghan will collaborate with me on my next podcast.

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