Thursday, January 27, 2005



on the way home from Gus's house, we got pulled over. Why? Chris "ran" a yellow light. And . . . I didn't have proof of insurance. Woops! The kind officer let us go because we were only four blocks from home. I'm a bit shook up about the whole thing, except that I know that I have insurance (but not proof--that I could find in that quagmire of a glove compartment in which were my ex boyfriend's W-2s from college and photographs from tour) and that Chris was OK to be driving.

The long arm of the law . . . Chris played like he didn't know the rules because he was from Texas, and I acted like the sweet girlfriend that was grateful that her boyfriend would drive her car home. But the officer inspired me to organize my glove compartment, and that's a good thing! Even Martha went to jail, and we just dodged a fairly expensive bullet. Like ninjas.

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