Saturday, January 08, 2005

Vacation is always interesting with the family. Like the usual stuff that sucks and the usual stuff that is awesome. For example, mom made these hamburgers for lunch today when Ruth and Marc got back, and we had canned green beans and toast, and it was really good. It was pretty much what I ate growing up: realy simple and fast and good. But then came the constant bitching about their weight problems. Ay yay yay. What're you gonna do?

I'm on a mission to get mom involved in the Philadelphia lesbian scene, if there is one. Tomorrow I'm taking her to lunch at a lesbian bar, and then to a feminist bookstore. I asked mom about lesbians who don't like to have sex, and she said that it wasn't uncommon. I told her Marian's story about her mom, and how she argued that you can't call yourself something and make it be true. "If I call myseelf a pineapple, that doesn't make me a pineapple," said Marian. Mom said, "I'm a pineapple." It was funny. At the time.

Anyhow. Anyhow. I've had holiday tummy for a while. Ick.

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