Thursday, January 27, 2005


Filing All Day

The unfortunate run in with MR Law last night has re-invigorated my commitment to getting my life in order. So all day today (except for my lunch break) I've been opening up things and throwing things away and putting them into folders and into folders within folders. It has been somewhat amazing. Also, I've noticed some glaring absences in my life:

I do not have any insurance cards. Or, registration. At least, I cannot find them. I am miffed about this. I am insured, and I'm fairly sure my registration has not expired yet, but what the hell? Where did it all go? Didn't I put it in my car? Oh, and good luck finding them in these horribly stuffed, unnavigable closets where the ceilings are too sloped to be under. I guess I just won't drive my car. I called up my insurance and they said they'd send me new cards. But how long will that take?

Son of an a hole!

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