Thursday, December 09, 2004


This Old House

Dear Bloggy, I've been busy. Mom's OK, they know what's wrong with her. Something with a nerve in her and how it makes her body think that her blood pressure is too high, so she passes out. Ann, my thesis professor, is doing OK, too. I've been baby sitting her three month old and three year old while she's in surgery for serious kidney stones. A lot of baby sitting is pretty natural stuff, trying to figure out what to do with fussy babies and antsy toddlers. I like it, and I find it pretty rewarding to help out a really nice couple and to get to know their sweet kids. I'm also on call this week with the Red Cross and I've been to two fires, one in Northeast and one in (gasp) Tualatin. Tualatin is a far south suburb of Portland, and it feels like almost every suburb I've been to. Once again, it's nice to help people out, even with just little things.

Chris and I have been sleeping at our new place the past few days. It's nice to spend time there alone, but I miss the cats, and Lindsay and Sedna. I like moving. I like getting rid of stuff that I don't want/need and getting new stuff from boxes that I packed away. I've accepted the fact that I'm not such a good organizer, and that Chris is much better at it. We have so much storage space in our kitchen that we don't know what to do with it. We have a cabinet just for tea and coffee.

Moving also means I have a reason to go to the horrible strip malls and buy things. Here is a list of things I bought for the new house.

1) A spice rack (8.99) and some spice jars (.99)

2) A bamboo cutting board, medium size

3) Holiday Greetings napkins and coasters from the dollar section at Target

4) An Eight pack of paper towels

5) The new Target brand of eco-friendly cleaing products Lavender Floor Cleaner and All Purpose Spray

6) A stainless steel garbage can for the bathroom

7) This thing that you put across your bathtub to hold soap and stuff

8) Assorted imported candy

9) A dog bowl that has a plaid design and a cartoon dog that says "Eat Your Dinner" (This is Sedna's holiday surprise)

10) Polenta

I bought a mini evergreen tree at Trader Joe's and presented it to Chris as our Commitment Tree. I said, "This tree represents our relationship. If it dies, we break up." I thought that was pretty funny.

Tonight, we sleep at the old house.

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