Monday, December 27, 2004


Kwanzaa, day two. Morale: Low.

Today we went out to Clackamas, all the way to Target to spend our gift cards from Mom. I got a small Crock-pot, and some tights, and kitty litter and a kitty scratching thing, plus basics like toilet paper and dish soap.

I made it through the holidays and only started crying on Boxing Day. Usually I cry on both Christmas and Christmas Eve. Life has been a lot of changing for me lately, a lot of sad and nervous and stressful things, and some good, nice things. I'm really not that communicative about feelings and emotions, so when I do get to express myself it's fairly, um, expressive.

Our neighbors are a rowdy bunch, always bringing in van-loads of sheet metal and appliances in the early morning. They get pretty mad about when someone parks in front of their house (which, if you ask me, is pretty ridiculous, considering that we're practically on one of the busiest streets in town). Today Chris noticed that they stole a No Parking At Any Time sign and stuck it in the ground right where they like to park. There's always someone in the neighborhood who is super territorial about parking. Last place it was the guy across the street who would come knock on our door if he even thought someone who might be visiting our house had parked in front of his.

Anyway, I'm over-tired and burnt out and stressed, but I agreed to close for Steve tonight. SO I'm trying to relax before work. think Malcom is on.

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