Friday, December 03, 2004


Felix Navidad, My Brothers


1) My mom is in the hospital (again) because she passed out and had chest pains. I am planning to have to fly to Philly possibly sometime in the next week, if necessary. Thing is, Mom is in the hospital it seems like once a year. So, I'm not entirely worried, except that every now and then I start to cry a little bit. I try not to think about it. We'll see what happens.

2) Moving is alright. I've been packing in fits in between doing things. After cooking up some fish tacos (Tillapia--yum!) and a blackberry pie (not so yum) and before going into work, I packed half of the kitchen. I'd like to be in the new house by next weekend, but who can say. Marty might have the floors redone.

3) Manager stuff keeps being awesome and annoying. I have to go to the bank tomorrow morning just to get quarters. Sarah said she's going to start school again in February, so I'll be doing about the same amount of stuff that I'm doing now.

4) Everyone asks me how things are going with Chris. It's weird, maybe, that it's not an issue. Sure, we have issues and things that we talk about (such as my rash of scary penis dreams: such as the bloody dismembered horse penis sliding out of a man's zipper scene that I had while sleeping through Rear Window). Otherwise, it's nice. We're both busy and stressed and stuff, but that's life, right?

5) Recording and the Animal Kingdom Recording Studio. Chris and I have been recording March Fourth, a local crazy zany marching band with stilt walkers. We recorded a show at the Crystal Ballroom and it went alright. We're making money doing it, too.

6) Disjecta stuff is progressing. It looks like I'll have some work to do eventually, after I meet with Brian about stuff. He sure is charismatic.

7) I've been spending a lot of time with Marian and Shauna lately, which is totally awesome. It makes me so happy to be around those ladies. I'm used to being in a triumvirate of ladies!

That's the update. I'm having a Holiday Mingler sometime the weekend of the 18th. You should, like, totally come. Marian's dad is bringing a barrel of wine for us to bottle. We're going to perform a super secret holiday dance routine.

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