Thursday, December 23, 2004


Can't smell the cat pee

When I got out of bed this morning and stood at the top of the stairs holding my laptop, a cup pf coffee, and my phone, I felt like I couldn't make it down the stairs. It was a bit scary, that kind of leg pain/weakness. But I'm sure it's due to the recent constant up and down stairs with heavy items, as well as the running around at work. I feel better now, and I made it down the stairs just fine, if a bit slow. I need to stretch. This is the first day of my three day weekend, and I'm looking forward to marinating the holiday lamb, unpacking, and wrapping and enveloping presents.

I had a horrible walkthrough with the old landlord. He was very antagonistic, very mean, and bitter. But his poor daughter was there. He practically accused me of stealing the For Rent sign, and for training my cats to piss in the basement. If you're reading this, don't rent from Shmrian Schreeland. He's a poo. (I used a pseudonym.)

I dreamt last night that I was getting my hair done by a famous Japanese hair stylist, who gave me short bangs and long, straight, blonde hair.

Sabrina and I went to the Lutz after work and played Elvis pinball. It was awesome. There's this plasctic Elvis doll that swings its hips.

I'm going to be in Philadelphia from January 6th until the 17th. I hope to get up to Providence and also to NYC for a bit.

I thought my IUD fell out, because it hasn't been bothering me at all. It's still there. May this year be as infertile for me as the last one.

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