Sunday, November 07, 2004


Cauliflower for Breakfast

I just finished a delightful cauliflower, veggie sausage, and garam masala scramble. Soon I'm going to the gym to work out.

I worked a Host shift last night and made eighteen dollars in five hours. Psychologically, hosting is a lot easier on me. The actual work involved is about the same as serving, but the emotional toll is less.

Alejandro is teaching me a lot of Spanish. It's really cute how everytime I walk into the back he says "Hi, Amy! Hi!"

I had trouble fallling asleep again last night, even though I had a delicious Rasputin Russian Stout--very coffee, chocolate, malty tasting. Nine percent alcohol. I kept waiting for Chris to get home. I woke up several time this morning, but remained in bed until the last possible moment.

Steve's party was a lot of fun. By three in the morning I was doing my patented "Run in Place" dance moves. All those High School dances where we practiced our aerobics moves have payed off, let me tell you.

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