Saturday, October 02, 2004



I'm so glad that it's October again. I know, it happens every year. But this one is special because Marian is coming home! Yay!

Chris and I have been cleaning and moving stuff around my room. I think he's a bit surprised about how much of a packrat I am. I am quite a packrat. For instance, I have this E.T. that I can't remember getting, but I'm reticent to get rid of it. But now that we have the new mixer, we need a new living situation. It's wuite impressive, this mixer, it's hefty and it feels like something.

Work was really good tonight. I was super busy and made a lot of money. Plus, the whole restaurant sang along to "Yellow Submarine." Working with Steve is great because we both sing along to the songs we listen to, and dance, and sometimes he beatboxes and we dance. We're also quite good at rhyming battles. We ridin' on diamond saddles. Cuz serving's an uphill battle!

Well, that's not the best ever.

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