Thursday, October 21, 2004


Emergency Resque Squad

Marian, Chris, and I went on a rescue mission to pick Shauna up at work today, since she was upset and stuff. We ended up eating some lunch at the Daily Cafe in the Pearl District. I almost never go to the Pearl if I can avoid it, but I've been venturing to the West Side more and more often these days. Marian and I walked Downtown and back yesterday. It's very different over ther: it feels like a city, more or less. Anyway, the soup was really yummy, Cauliflower and Gruyere. Greg pointed out to me the other day that I pronounce cauliflower "Kally-flower" instead of "Kauluhflower." I wonder how much of my peculiar speech-pattern comes from my Long Island heritage, and how much of it comes from my learning how to read most words before I'd ever heard them spoken. For instance, I used to say "Sal-mon" not "Sah-mun."

Work on the album continues at a slow pace. I'm a bit discouraged now that I haven't heard back from Steve about the whole record label thing. I fell like maybe it's not worth it. But that's just me getting down on myself. I guess if everybody gave up making art when they got some negative (or non-existant) feed-back, there'd be a lot less art. I guess I could just go get an M.B.A. if none of this works out. Then I could sue your ass.

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