Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Refrigerator Soup!

So yesterday I made this zuchinni and parsley soup with garlic and thai basil and roasted chile peppers. Lindsay thought it was too hot for her, but it was milder than the roasted garlic spinach tomato soup I made last week. This soup, yesterday's soup, started out by cleaning out my fridge and taking out all of the vegetables that weren't carrots or cucmbers or tomatoes (I always think that there's a salad to be made). I put two garlic cloves in my soup pot in about four tablespoons of olive oil, then added one chopped white onion, about three cups of chopped (half-inch) zuchinni, a bunch of finely chopped parsley, and a lot, about ten leaves, of thai basil. I also was roasting some chile peppers, but I don't recommend you use those if you don't want it to be hot. I let it cook for a while, but since there was so much stuff in the pot, I felt a compulsion to stir it every minute or so. I came up with a good name for this recipe: "Refrigerator Soup." It cooked for about ten minutes, then I added five cups of water and two teaspoons of salt, turned up the heat (from med-high to high), and waited for it to boil. I let it boil for fifteen minutes and took it off the stove. Chris wanted me to walk up to Hawthorne with him so that he could get his glasses fixed, but I wanted to wait around while my soup cooled. When it was warm enough to handle, into the blender it went, about five batches it took. The soup turned out to be a lovely creamy green color. "Hey," I told Lindsay. "This soup is vegan!" I added some lime juice. We ate the soup with some toast and salt and pepper. Lindsay and Chris added sour cream.

I could've used cilantro instead of parsley, and then just put a little bit of parsley in at the end as a garnish. But I didn't have cilantro and I had all of this goddam parsley, and who knows what to do with parsley anyway. The soup is just as good cold as it is hot, so it's a good summer time soup, for the late summer when you don't know if you're going to wear a hoodie or a tank, so you wear both. It's a soup that's like layering.

Then, for dinner, I made garlic green bean and cheddar sandwiches. Yum!

Life is going alright, otherwise. Watched Human Nature last night. Conan is back on, and the Olympics are over!

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