Wednesday, September 08, 2004


It's like a vacation

Isaac and Altana are finishing up their visit to Portland on their way to Seattle. They're moving to Seattle, tonight, I guess. It's been super fun having guests and cooking meals and making music. Although I'm sick of hearing "Close to Me" over and over again, both versions. I've had a lot of time off from work, but I don't feel ready yet to start doing those things again. Mainly I feel out of it from all the staying up late with whisky and getting out of bed at three.

I've learned that a lot of the time the key to collaboration is leaving the room and baking some cookies or something so that other people get to express themselves. Collaboration is mostly compromise. When I suggested that we record this cover, it didn't seem to me that it would be "my song" or what have you. But, people seem to think that. Which is OK, because then I can put it on my album and people will think that I'm awesome.

I think I'm going to go count some money.

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