Tuesday, September 14, 2004


About Time

I haven't been going to enough bars lately; I haven't been hearing bits of advice from older and possibly wiser starngers. Drunk advice often sticks with me much longer than any other kind.

Working on this album thing has been both inspiring and tedious. Some songs, I realize, just need to be given up on, others need to be completely re-done, some are almost OK as they are. You know, and then what? I give it away as a holiday gift, and then what? Do I then promote myself? I'm no good at that. Argh.

Chris has pretty much usurped my computer, such that I have to use his to blog. Hopefully he'll get a job and then we won't be constantly together. It has its ups and downs, for sure. One comes to realize just how nutso one is when there's always someone else there. We have different rhythms, that's for sure. Although I've been finding it even easier to sleep in later and later. The other downfall is that I haven't been seeing my buddies too much.

I made this lamb stew and it gave everyone really stinky farts. Even the cat wouldn't get under the covers.

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