Friday, August 13, 2004


Snowball from Hell

Ben Kessler wrote this play in highschool called "A Snowball in Hell," and it was my introduction to underground genius. It got me involved in a series of other plays and performances, and inspired me, because if a kid a year older than me could pull off this kind of spectacle (I remember Kate Hutchinson riding Jeremy Robbins while spewing Baby Powder all over the set), then certainly I could do as much.

In most things in life, creative endeavors, social interactions, I'm usually just riffing off of what I've seen other people do, what other people have acomplished. That's why it's nice to have friends who are a few years down the track, friends who get by doing what they love to do. It's nice to have friends who push the limits of social interactions. It's nice to have friends who make amazing things and friends who work together. It's nice to have friends who got to school and work towards their goals and get good jobs. So when I come up for air from a creative streak, I can look around and see my friends successes and struggles, and that's good.

Not making music lately (partially burn-out, partially increased interest in: cooking, painting; reading) has left me with some intellectual space to consider what it is, exactly, that I'm going to do with my life. I'm thinking that it's time to go back into Social Work, to get an MSW, and to help people. I'm afraid of getting ghettoized in Social Work, because it's a typically female field, and it's underpaid and undervalued. Mom even told me not to go into it, but then again, she really wants me to get a Masters. Hey, imagine if your record producer was also a licesned therapist and addictions counselor? Wouldn't that rock?

Hmm . . . I'm a fox, for sure, and not a hedgehog. I know many things.

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