Saturday, August 07, 2004


Now, That's a Good Meatloaf!

I found this recipe in the NYT Food section, at work on Thursday, for this turkey and spinach meatloaf. It's not your momma's meatloaf. It took a good two hours to make, but it was worth it, and I'll have lots of leftovers. Plus, delicious garlic-oil. I ate it with some cold mashed yams I made a couple of days ago, and a Red Stripe, while watching Deliverance.

I need a job that doesn't take up my evenings all the time. It's nice to come home from work, unwind, do the grocery shopping, make dinner. I'm sick of working until the wee hours. You know, I wouldn't mind working if I got to take a break and go home for half an hour and eat or something.

I need a new industry.

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