Tuesday, August 10, 2004


It's Back!

I got my cookbook back from Amanda (but really back from Joe) last night. I am relieved to have it back in my house. Almost every time I went to cook something, I'd think, "If only I had my cookbook--just as a reference, not as a crutch, not that I need my cookbook." I would end up searching the internet for questionable recipes, comparing them to each other, trying to figure out based on the names attached to the posts whether or not I could trust a recipe. Even the network sites can't be trusted, not entirely.

Played over two hours of four square last night. I love the game, but it was an overall medium experience. Afterwards Amac and I went to karaoke at the Alibi, and I sang "One More Try" and "Right Here Waiting (for You)." I had an attack of holiday tummy at the beginning of the evening, but I pulled through.

Amanda and I spent a lot of time yesterday ennumerating the many ways in which our lives will be better once Marian comes back home. I'm going to make her my lead singer.

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