Monday, August 02, 2004


Eyebrow Maintenance

I've been a busy girl lately, what with slicing my finger open at work, drinking until delirium at the Yacht and Ratatat show, grocery shopping, and The Kids in the Hall marathon. Since I don't have to work until Wednesday, I feel obligated to go somewhere scenic, maybe the coast. Although you probably know by now that I'm all talk, no action, when it comes to get-aways.

I've been sleeping strangely in my bed, sort of half-way down the middle, feet hanging off the end, curled up on my side. I'm due for a nap pretty soon.

Ooh, listen to this: I got my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted yesterday, and my eyebrows waxed. It looks like I'm wearing really high-quality, really well-applied mascara all the time! I haven't done anything that spa-oriented in a long time. I feel kind of like a princess. It works, though, because my hair is all big and wild in the humidity (it helps that I usually take a nap after I shower). Eyebrow maintenance. How many men are concerned with it? Considering that almost every woman I've known, not matter what her style involves otherwise, maintains her eyebrows in some way. Well, I guess there are exceptions. I did nothing to mine for a good six months this year, and then the Macindoe sisters have these awesome eyebrows.

Aren't you glad that I don't write a political blog? Could you imagine? "John Kerry has the best, strongest eyebrows ever. W's are weak and indecisive, definitely not fit for the leader of the Free World."

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