Thursday, August 12, 2004



I can't sleep, and thoughts of Lee Krasner and fears about arpeggios race through my little mind.

I made a lovely chicken and cilantro curry for dinner tonight, along with a peach/basil/cucumber/thyme salad that I ripped off from Navarre. Shauna dined with us, and then she walked me to work. Work was OK, and it was nice to have enough people to serve everyone. Sabrina and I went to the Vern and drank some PBR and played doubles against this cute couple. They won both times.

Someone left a note on my windshield today outside Fred Meyer. I don't know who it could've been, but I'm guessing it must've been a friend, although there was no signature. "I saw you walk into the store. You're so beautiful. Tried to find you inside to talk to you. P.S. Love your banana peel." A mystery. Dot dot dot.

I've had a number of insights recently. Insights that I'll share latter, I'm certain.

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