Saturday, July 03, 2004


She act way different with dick in her

Chris is taking a shower, and there's an A.A. meeting outside his window. It's not as intolerably humid and hot as I thought it would be. Last night I got to meet almost all of the Austin crowd. I felt really weird in the beginning because this girl who Chris sorta did for a while doesn't much care to have me around--she's 18, what can you do? I remember being 18 and I remember being irrational and such. Anyway, once she and her contingent left I felt a lot more comfortable. And then all the cool kids showed up and stuck around. Jeff played guitar and sang, Isaac danced and his girlfriend was super nice and cute. Jeff's sister Christen was a riot. Hayden and I talked about Georgia. Hank showed me the moon up close. My favorite was Debbie, though. If Shauna and Melinda had a baby she would be something like Debbie. She also had a tie, and I think ties are hott.

There's a lot of stuff that's happened, but I don't have the focus right now. I'll tell you all later.

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